I am a Sophomore studying for a Bachelor’s in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Concentration of Information Science) with Honors at Indiana State University.

My skills include:

Computer Skills:
Basic computer/laptop hardware repair and maintenance
Basic networking: printers, file sharing, connectivity
Use of linux severs and sftp
Intermediate Python
Beginner C
Beginner JavaScript
Basics of HTML
Basics of CSS
Basics of SQL

General Skills:
Learning Aptitude
Customer Service
Ability to explain things in simple terms
Ability to find information and do research
Ensure understanding before taking action

Specifics of Education

Courses in Progress:
CS 201  - Programming Structures
CS 170  - Web Programming
CSS 210 - Introduction to Networking
ECT 173 - Fundamentals of Information Technology
ECT 231 - Digital Computer Logic

Courses Next Semester:
CS 303  - Discrete Structures and Computing Theory
CSS 211 - Introduction to Computer Security
ECT 176 - Mobile System Design Technology
ECT 374 - Information System Security

Courses Completed:
CS 101  - Fundamentals of Computing
ECT 130 - Introduction to Electronics and Computer Technology
ECT 172 - Computer Components Essentials
CS 151  - Introduction to computer Science
CS 256  - Principles of Structured Design
ECT 272 - Computer Software Components