Harvard CS50 Online Audit


2/18/2022 3:15 PM Today I am starting the cs50 class via its online audit. I don’t go to Harvard, but they offer this course online. I’ve not decided if I’m going to go through with this whole thing, but it is certainly tempting. The professor David Malan is incredible at explaining things. While I may know a lot of the early information are things I know, hearing it differently is interesting and further into the class I will begin to run into new information. I imagine that this may be a fantastic way to expand my knowledge by myself.

Another way to expand my knowledge is called Hacker Ranks. My professor for CS150 suggested it so I may look into it.

2/18/2022 4:07 PM He has just started talking about Scratch. While it is a very beginner programming “language” it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with it.

2/18/2022 4:15 PM Scratch is kinda interesting. GUI programming is neat and good for learning, but isn’t great practically. I may try to upload an image of what I come up with in scratch to this blog. That’d be a new thing to try!

2/18/2022 5:17 PM I just finished the lecture a little while ago. I think that it very well may be something worth finishing and completing the assignments for. I love the speaker and we will be going over a lot of things that I am familiar with, but would love to hear how they are explained by David Malan. Worst case scenario is that I get some review and practice and can say that I audited a Harvard class(audited online of course).

Now I am going to try to link the image of the small scratch program that I followed along with. He showed and explained other programs in scratch as well and I feel that I could complete those projects as well. This program causes Scratch(the cat) to meow every second while the user’s mouse cursor is on him.


I can’t seem to get this figured out. I think it might have something to do with text vs commands in md. Another thought is that I don’t know the difference between


and this And that might have to do with it a lot, but I am not sure. Another potential problem is that there may be something with the theme that handles images differently. I’ll come back to this problem later.