Website Creation Log

2/15/2022 I can’t figure out this dang problem. For some reason an object in the public and git folder is corrupt. I’m not sure exactly how to fix this at all. I might just need to re-clone the whole git folder, but I’m not sure.


Programming do be like that sometimes

Now it says for one change that I can’t find “Git: Failed to execute.” So that’s new. I am about to start a lab in ENVIRONMENT so now I just need to focus on that, but I think that it is only one file that is breaking. I’ll look into it later.

2/15/2022 4:06 PM I fixed color themes! I had some wrong files in the wrong places, but after moving them around and looking at the example site I was able to get it figured out. Now i just have one error that is giving me problems “Git: Failed to execute.” This only happens when I try to commit this file to the code repository. VS Code gives me this error Unable to open ‘hugo-coder (Working Tree)': Unable to read file (director location) that is actually a directory). So hopefully I can figure it out, but that is weird because themes is supposed to read a directory so I don’t know why that wouldn’t work.

2/15/2022 4:15 PM I tried removing and reading the git submodule that I post from, but I don’t think that that fixed it.

2/15/2022 4:22 PM Now I am having trouble even updating my public because of this module and directory theme error.

2/15/2022 4:23 PM Actually I was just operating from the wrong directory.

2/15/2022 4:31 PM So I think that the main thing that I have left now is to just get my domain working and to make whatever social media I would like to be on here and then remove the other ones.

2/15/2022 5:45 PM I Successfully registered the domain with ionos. I also got github to recognize it, but now my site looks all weird. I might try DNS verification a different way.

2/15/2022 7:26 PM I decided to just go ahead and forward to the github static site. This fixes the display problems until I know a way to do a better solution.

2/19/2022 10:40 PM I think that I might reformat all of my timestamps for logs. So far I’ve just been putting the date once and then the times afterwards, but I think I am going to change it to have the date leading the time on every update.